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Wooden Cabin Plus

Wooden Cabin Plus

Max. 5 persons


The cabin Plus (18 m2) has the same basic inventory as the standard cabin with the difference that this hut sleeps 5 people and a completely equipped kitchen and fresh water. You don't have to bring your own kitchenware or tableware to this cabin.

The sanitary facilities are next to the cabins.


  • Max. 5 persons
  • Television present
  • WiFi present
  • Amount Bedrooms: 2

Availability & booking

First choose your day of arrival, afterwards you can chose the day of departure.

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Wooden Cabin Plus

Prices shown are based on two persons!

In a Cabin Plus you'll have more privacy because the living area and the sleeping area are separated from each other. The 2 bedrooms are provided with 2 bunk beds and one provides an extra bed which can be slid from under the bunk bed. A Cabin Plus is a bit bigger than a 'common' cabin and amongst others because it's provided with a bench with running water, a cooker, a coffee machine, a microwave, a fridge with freezing space and a small heater, it's a bit more comfy. Also a complete kitchen equipment is provided for in this cabin.


5 Single mattresses (80x200)
5 Pillows
Lighting points:
*Kitchen unit
*Sleeping quarters
*Outside light
Wall sockets
5 Chairs

Kitchen equipment:
Kitchen unit with cooker
5 Plates, large and small
5 Mugs
5 Glasses
5 Teaspoons
5 Knives, spoons and forks
1 Set of serving spoons
1 Set of pan spoons
1 Set of 3 pans
1 Teapot
1 Teakettle
1 Coffeepot with filter
1 Set of tablemats

Do you want to book for a period longer than 3 weeks? Contact in that case the camping itself directly by phone or email.
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